Css issue of treeview ...overflow + suggestion

  1. I set treeview-item with ‘width100%’, but treeview-item background did not fill full DIV with scroll-x showup;

  2. treeview-item-label overflow;

  3. suggestion:


above pic is sth with JQUI-treeview;
----add a css of “treeview-item-after” just like ‘item-after’ in ‘ul li’;
----then we can set ‘edit’ ‘add’ buttons / Toggle / Badge after each items.

I got it!

>     .treeview{
>     min-width: max-content!important;
>     min-width: -moz-max-content!important;
>     min-width: -webkit-max-content!important;
>     }

thats it! :laughing: