CSS Not rendered on Android version 9


I tested my app on my Samsung 10 and in several other version in the Android Studio emulators (minSDK 24). It all seemed to work fine but now i get customer complaints saying the app looks weird. No colors and strange markup for example.

I asked them to remove the app and clear it’s cache but it did not help, what could be wrong?

One example is on the S9 Edge with Android Version 9.

It’s really hard for me to reproduce this issue since i don’t see it and have no device where i see a broken version.

Any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance.

P.S i had this problem with some customers in the Safari Browser on the computer as well, i cleared the cache, restarted the browser and the app worked fine, but this is a weird situation since my customer already removed the app and reinstalled it again.

I tried on a Samsung device with an even older version 8 and had no issues, the app looked fine. Could this be a local user phone issue? Android version 9 issue with cache issues from the older app version? Any suggestions?

It turned out to be a cache problem like i thought. I had the customer remove all app data and the problem was solved. Clearing the cache was not enough apparently.