Current method of displaying external URL - on same domain

I am creating a news reader progressive web app. I publish news in the Google AMP format which is nicely cached by Google for fast display. In my news app I list the latest news articles and when the user clicks on an article title I want to use a popup or swiper to show the article. The Google AMP article includes a header with logo. The news articles and app are on the same domain.

I could recreate the new article content inside my popup from my database BUT I would like to use the Google cache and also trigger usage hits to Google to show activity.

Here is an example AMP news page

Which would be the proper approach:

Option 1: Load the news article into an iframe inside the popup or swiper. (** Can I float a close button in the top right of the iframe?)

Option 2: Collect the page from the news URL using JS and then stripping the header/logo before displaying the content inside a popup or view with back arrow or swiper

Any other options built in or advised?



This might help you:

Thank You!