Data binding in component in V2

how do i update the data object , and make DOM update

   <div class=”page”>{{value}}</div>
 return {
   data: function () {
     return { value: 123' }
   methods: {
            changeVal: function () {
                this.value = 999; /// NOT UPDATE THE DOM

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I’m not sure that data binding (one or two way) already implemented in v2

@Erez are you using Vue? Your example looks like a single Vue component file but with “return” instead of “export”.

i am using framework7 v2 (not using vue).
my example was very basic , i am using ajax call and using {{#each}}

like this :

 <div class="list simple-list">
                {{#each names}}

i have ajax call every 10 seconds

how do i “refresh” the page so the {{#each names}} will run with the new data ?

I guess you have to “load” the template page again with the mainView.router.load function after your data is updated but I prefer to use Vue for dynamic data binding because the “data” is updated in a magical way :slight_smile:

First set route options to reloadCurrent: true, in routes.js. It replaces the current page with the new one from route.

  path: '/somepage/',
  componentUrl: './pages/somepage.html',
  name: 'somepage',
  options: {
      animate: false,
      reloadCurrent: true,

Then you can reload the component with


Does anyone know if component data binding is going to be implemented?

did you find a solution?

Use/wait vue.js integration

my solution for “refresh” the data was :

 if (app.views.current.router.url === "/notification/") {
            app.router.back({ animate: false });
            app.router.navigate('/notification/', { animate: false });

work fine , but not so elegant…

UP, please implement it!! My application needs this funcionality a lot!

Every application need this. This seems to be a critical update on V2.

There is a Framework7-Vue if data bindings are critical, and it is highly recommended to use in this case

yeah but’s in the V1 version

Framework7-Vue v2 is also released and ready to be used


That is a great new! I’ve just checked it but I do not find the documentation related. Where I can find it?

Thank you

Docs will be on next week


we can only bind data with Vue? and not in the erez1122 way?