Data-view not loading page on current view

Hi, i am trying to load page on current view, but it is not working. I have a left panel with links and 3 tabs, i want to load the page on current active tab.
Here is my code:

Left panel

<p><a href="myadverts/" data-view="current" class="panel-close" ><h3>Anúncios</h3></a></p>

Toolbar and views:

  <f7-link tab-link="#view-home" tab-link-active icon-ios="f7:hand_draw_fill" icon-aurora="f7:hand_draw_fill" icon-md="f7:hand_draw_fill" text="Anúncios"></f7-link>
  <f7-link tab-link="#view-groups" icon-ios="f7:person_2_square_stack_fill" icon-aurora="f7:person_2_square_stack_fill" icon-md="f7:person_2_square_stack_fill" text="Grupos"></f7-link>
  <f7-link tab-link="#view-search" icon-ios="f7:search_circle_fill" icon-aurora="f7:search_circle_fill" icon-md="f7:search_circle_fill" text="Buscar"></f7-link>
<f7-view id="view-home" main tab tab-active url="/"></f7-view>
<f7-view id="view-groups" name="groups" tab url="/groups/"></f7-view>
<f7-view id="view-search" name="search" tab url="/search/"></f7-view>

The problem is that it only works on main view, on others shows content not found. This code below worked, but not as expected:

<p><a href="myadverts/" data-view=".view-main"  data-tab="#view-home" class="panel-close tab-link" ><h3>Anúncios</h3></a></p>

It shows the content correctly, but remains with the wrong active tab when i click on the back button of the myadverts page

data-view must be a valid CSS selector, you can use this instead:


This have the same behavior as current, it works on the first tab, but when i navigate to the next tab and open that link on left panel, shows not found content