Datatable - Freeze first column

I am new to Framework 7. I wonder if anyone has had any success in freezing a first column of a data-table (it remains visible) whilst allowing horizontal scroll through other content.
Thanks for your help!

It is actual for my project. I have report of finances for company, which has a list of projects in first column, and after about 12-13 columns of data for every project. All of those columns are important.
It looks like this:

Project Contracts.out Contracts.balance Budget Payments.out Payments.balance Closings Analytics.plan Analytics.fact Recomendations
ProjectName 10000 9500 500 8000 5000 6200 -1200 0 0 5000 bla bla bla

Is it possible to use F7.Data-Table and fix its first column?

Not supported at the moment, as scrolling tables is a very tricky thing. Will check in future updates, if it is possible with tables, will add it

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hi I also want this feature

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HI… is there any solution to this?

do u have solutions for this? i have same problems