Date and range Input problems

Hello all,
I have some some issue with date and range Input. I just tried sample from the documentation but for the date input, the end of the edit mask is shown under the label (not very good visually) and for the range input, I can’t click nor focus nor edit as you can see in the picture below.

Thank you so much.

For date input check this

For number input, you need to remove range-slider classes from it, if you use usual text input there.

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Thank you @nolimits4web,
For the date input, the use of onfocus and onblur attributes worked.

But for then range-slider, when I removed the range-slider class, it become like this:
2021-04-03 14_42_55-Quartex - %apptitle%

I’d like to have the styled range slider not number input. But I don’t know, it become not clickable when I add range-slider class.

I found it finally, I forget to initialize it with js (sorry for that). But still, there is a problem. The maximum of the slider is outside the bar and I need to resize manually the window (of the browser) to make it correct.