Date picker sheet modal toolbar next previous arrow buttons misalignment on simulated devices

When testing the date picker on simulated devices on the chrome browser, the next and previous arrow buttons (for month & year selectors) on the sheet modal toolbar exhibits a misalignment issue as shown in the screen capture (iphone6/7/8) below. Has anyone experienced the same issue on simulated or real devices? Any advice on resolution/workaround?


I assume maybe you have added some custom CSS styles that breaks it? Because there is no such issue by default

To clarify, I do not have any custom css styles on the sheet modal nor on the date picker.

My bad, I did have custom styling on the top toolbar in the project, and because the sheet modal had the same css selector names, this affected the sheet modal as well. Realized this after I failed to replicate this issue on a freshly created framework7 project. My apologies.