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Hello, friends!

Recently, I have encountered some problems. When I open pushState and go deep into multi-tier pages, refresh the page, it will load a layer of pages and the current page will be cut in instantly. Obviously this is not very reasonable in the Web page. So I turned off preloadPrevious Page and iosSwipeBack in the view parameter, but still found that he loaded two pages. Is there any way to solve this problem?

I think it right!

Do you have live example?

Hello, please download my DEMO


Hello, I suggest you take a closer look at my code.

Index. HTML - > demo. HTML - > demo2. HTML - > demo3. HTML page

Then when the demo3. HTML page refreshes, you can see that the demo2. HTML and demo3. HTML pages are loaded at the same time by scratching the package, but at this time I clearly know that I have set the preloadPrevious Page parameter to false.

Please let me know how to deal with it, because loading the last page will waste server performance and affect the logical processing of my current page. Thank you

Hello, are you still there? This problem has been bothering me for several days. Can you help me solve it?

This will be fixed in next update. This problem is not critical, at all :wink:

Hello, I think it’s important. Very wasteful server performance, I would like to ask when the next version will be updated, I am always concerned about your framework.