Desktop theme removed

It’s a real pitty because now we can ship desktop webapps in the new macOs

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It is sad that “aurora” Desktop theme was removed in version 8 of Framework7.
In telegram group they say that one can set some styles over and in addition to the styles of “md”, material design theme and get the missing functionality of aurora theme.

If you add these styles, it will be great if you share it. Probably you could start with Android theme, i.e. “md” and probably it will work for the start. And then add the things step by step.

What is really sad for me is author removed in version 8 Resizable Grid feature of Grid component, I use it for desktop web app as a splitter component, which I believe is a must have component for any non-trivial framework, and it existed very long in Framework7. And not only, in general splitters exist in UIs almost always, like, starting Windows 95 and earlier, and now they decided to cancel it entirely in this framework.

I agree. One of my projects has just progressed to the point of needing a desktop app and I wasn’t too worried until now.

Oh no… this means we shouldn’t use framework7 for desktop :frowning: It’s a pity as we chose framework7 for building one app for all. I loved it as once you build it, you don’t need to worry about the client. Bad choice from our side.

Knowing framework7 is so focused in mobile apps and does not consider desktop, we will need to chose another framework for future projects :frowning: