Disable io Theme

Hi There,
trying to set the theme to use only the theme for Android independently if device is android or ios.

already changed theme option in new Framework7({ theme: 'md' }) but nothing.

Any Ideas,

That should work fine. Im using the same and it work, for ‘ios’ and 'md.
Can you share your code, or even better, make a jsfiddle with the error.

// Dom7
var $ = Dom7;
// Init App
var app = new Framework7({
  id: 'com.domain.app',
  root: '#app',
  theme: 'md',
  statusbarOverlay: true

It does not print any error.
It just changes css styles when on iPhone.

By the way, I am using phonegap app developer to preview the app on an iPhone.

can you share your code?
index.html, and the *.js

Make sure you are using Framework7 v2+