Disable or revert "material you" design to m2

i’d like to use framework7 to create an app, however the first thing i am greeted by is a “material you” design once i start the server. its appearance is incredibly jarring. can i revert this to the material 2 style from before?

To revert to the previous Material Design (Material 2) style, you can try the following steps:

Check Framework7 Version: Ensure that you are using a version of Framework7 that supports the Material 2 style. If you are using a very old version, consider upgrading to a newer one.

Theme Configuration: Check your Framework7 app's configuration for theme settings. In your app initialization code (usually in app.js or similar), look for the "theme" option. You can set the theme explicitly to "md" (Material Design) to use the Material 2 style:

var app = new Framework7({
// …
theme: ‘md’, // Set to ‘md’ for Material Design
// …