Disable tab control

Is it possible to disable the tab control and keep it as a visual display of which tab is active?

Reason being I want to ensure that the user reads through the tab-1 content before changing to tab-2. At the bottom of the tab-1 page, the user can press a button to open tab-2 using


After the user has used this button to go to tab-2, then the tab control should be enabled so that the user can move easily between tab-1 and tab-2.

I hope this makes sense :grinning:

Not really :slight_smile: Didn’t really get what you are trying to achieve

You need to catch scroll event.

I want to disable the tab control so that the user can only change tabs using a button with DOM7. So the tab control will only be a visual element:


And the user will move between the tabs using buttons instead, using:


You can disable receiving it from tap/click events by adding this into your CSS:

.tabbar a.tab-link {
  pointer-events: none;
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