Docs for version 1.6.x

Hi everybody,

Is it yet possibile to browse the docs for Framework7 ver. 1.6.x?


At the moment they are available at GitHub at

I downloaded it from github link,but the docs folder is empty. Do I have to search the docs in another folder?


I downloaded it from github but nothing available there, please can you provide a link other wise it will totally blind thing for us , because normally i spent most of the time in this web site an i need old doc for older apps, also please provide a guide to update old ones to v2

Read file in repo root. You must build the htmls and there also a command to lunch website with docs

Hi nolimits4web,

Thanks for this , i was able to build the web site using the instruction provide by you. Really appreciate you and your work of Framework7 and special thanks to the version 2

If anyone else who has trouble to build by you own , then please download files form here and open the index.html inside doc folder, then you can have the web



Slow but true:

No Compile or self install needed.

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