Dom update question

i’m testing latest version where main app can be a component (

app.f7.html where there is app init and login modal and relative login function
home.f7.html that is main view with a simple print of {{$root.loggedIn}}

if I call login function and relative update of loggedIn var to true ( this.$setState({ loggedIn: true }); ) , app.f7.html template was updated, but not home.f7.html of main view whre loggedIn remain to false
so… is possible to call update of all dom views? I’ve tried to add

this.$tick(function () {
alert(‘DOM and state updated’);

to login function of app.f7.html but nothing change

thanks in advance

at the moment the only solution is to use .navigate reloading current view.
here code… is the correct solution or there is any method to update dom of view from main app component

alertLoginData() {
        var self = this;
        var app = self.$app;
        this.$f7.dialog.alert('Username: ' + this.username + '<br>Password: ' + this.password);
        this.$setState({ loggedIn: true });
        app.views.main.router.navigate(app.views.main.router.url, {
            ignoreCache  : true,
            reloadCurrent : true

If you use same View for logged in and not logged in state, then you don’t need it as in this case do what you are doing - call navigate on required view