Dom7 - Ajax support

In looking through the Dom7 documentation I didn’t see an ajax support… is there any?

I ask because I have an old project based on JQuery and JQMobile and we’re going to move away from that platform and we really don’t want to rewrite all of our functioning code (in fact, that would be a deal killer for this project).

Yes. Here is the doc.

Thanks. Without the promises there would be too much rewriting.

Any issues with using jquery? Any versions that there are known problems with?

@PPetree it is my understanding that you can use jQuery in Framework7 (see:

Thanks @vbguyny - I saw those links and they’re pretty old. Plus they have conflicting information (one says load jquery before framework7.js and the other says after). Beyond that, they’re loading at the end of the body which is now discouraged for a host of reasons.

Given all those discrepancies, is why I asked… hopefully there’s some new info. The fact that Vuew and React are supported and examples are provided, it makes me leery of using F7 with jquery.

LIke every other company, we want to port the least amount of code as possible. LOL