DOM7 can't detect ID and class name from loaded page

Hi everyone!

I have a link(router) inside my view-main that once the link is clicked it loads a new page(current page). The added page(which is now loaded) has class name and Id that I myself created for DOM manipulations. I inspect the page and it is added to DOM. But I once use DOM7 to manipulate this page it doesn’t work, I notice that DOM7 doesn’t see the added class name and ID.

I used this code to check all the properties of the loaded page.
// In page events:
$$(document).on(‘page:init’, function (e) {
// Page Data contains all required information about loaded and initialized page
var page = e.detail;
And I have seen the DOM7 has a length of 0.

I highly appreciate your help.

Cyrus Rome Dela Cruz

And how do you use it? Need more information