Dont give back scrolltop value realtime

When I scroll and touch my iPhone scree, it will give back at every moment the scrolltop.
But when it scroll further and I don’t touch my iPhone, it won’t give back the scrolltop value. Only when scrolling is stopping it will give back again scrolltop value. How can I get the ScrollTop value at every moment of scrolling? I have now this function:

$(’.page-content’).on(‘scroll’, function () {
scrollTop = this.scrollTop;

This issue happens:

  • if it is a cordova app -> you are not using WKWebView in your cordova app, which you must use
  • if not a cordova app -> you are using old iOS version
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Yes!!! That’s was the case. Big Thanks! I am very glad! Because I was stuck for 3 days now. And finally this was the answer.

Install cordova-plugin-ionic-webview and not cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine.

And everything works fine! Again Big Thanks. Aweseome!

I have now another problem. I have installed wkwebview with success. But now I cannot open InAppBrowser succesfully.

I also tried cordova-plugin-inappbrowser-wkwebview but with no success.

What can I do about that?

The solution is to install inappbrowser as following:

cordova plugin add

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