Downloading data from server with Framework7 and Svelte for Cordova mobile app

Hello, I am developing application with Svelte and Framework7 for Cordova/Phonegap mobile application and now I have a problem with download any data from my server.

Here is an example of my code:

  function downloadButton(id){
    Request.get('', {}, function (data) {

This code works in Cordova development mobile app (throw command phonegap serve)
But when I install (throw npm run build-dev-cordova-android) generated apk file into mobile (throw command: ${ANDROID_HOME}/platform-tools/adb install <name-of-apk-file> so it not works.

Do you anybody know where can be a problem?

Hello so this my problem can be resolved by this solutions:

It is caused only on Android 9 with API 28 or higher.
I solved it by change the url call from http to https and now it works. :wink: