Duplicate pages f7-link


f7-link is creating duplicates pages in the DOM. How I can prevent or remove these pages? That is problem because some of my pages are using tabs or autocomplete that usually work whit and ID.


use domCache: false parameter


I am already using domCache but still getting duplicate pages :
27 AM

<f7-link href="/my-information/">My Information <div class="next"></div></f7-link>

My routes js

var routes = [
		path:      '/my-information/',
		component: 'cj.my-information',


// replace component paths with actual components
for (var r in routes)
    routes[r].component = require('../components/pages/'+routes[r].component.replace(/\./g, '\/')+'.vue');

export default routes;

I don’t know what I am missing or doing wrong.


You need to DISABLE domCache

I already have F7 initial config domCache:false.
Any other idea.


Provide more code example where and how did you set it?

It must be set as View parameter

const vue = this.vue = new Vue({
			el: '#app',

			framework7: {
				root:               '#app',
				routes:             routes,
				animateNavBackIcon: true,
				swipePanel:                'left',
				domCache:	            false,
				notificationHold:   Math.ceil(Settings.alertTimeout * 1000),

This is how I have my initial config. Thanks for your help.

<f7-view :dom-cache="false">...</f7-view>

Thanks it works Awesome!.