Dynamic links into an f7 single page app (or PWA)

I would like to notify a user of my web app that they have a new client request to attend to. This notification is an email. I would like to include a link to Chats section on the users mobile/desktop device. (I believe currently only Android supports URLs opening in single page apps on the home screen - so this is more for Android and desktop users currently)

The question is, how do I get a direct URL to my Chats view inside my single page f7 app?

I saw another forum discussion about something similar but it was mostly in Russian and seemed to hint that the .htaccess file had to be changed on the server. Since I am running the entire backend on Firesbase I cannot make any changes to the server configuration.

Do I have any options to create something like:


and have it go to that view in my f7 app? (usually in the router its /chats/)

In addition I could imagine hopping right into a specific Chat from the email link with something like:



Deep link? Info: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25072373/how-to-provide-and-handle-deep-links-in-cordova-phonegap-applications

I’m not going to offer my app as a wrapped Cordova app in the stores. The user will add the web app to their home screen from the browser.

On Android you can use ‘intents’ in the webAPK so that google forwards known URLs to the homescreen app. iOS unfortunately has not created similar abilities yet. (but assume they do at some point).
Google intents handling

What I need to do is have direct URLs that my F7 app can translate into routes. So a https://brighter.me/app/chats URL send to me by Android results in going to /chats/ inside my f7 app.

You need to enable pushState on main view for that https://framework7.io/docs/view.html#view-parameters