Dynamic Popup no longer working

Since latest F7, my dynamic popups don’t work - the screen is just partially obscured (partial grey overlay).
Here is the code (same for all):

var marker = new L.Marker([51.53536, -0.89942], {icon: markerYardHire}).addTo(yardsGroup).on('click', markerOnClick1).addTo(map);
function markerOnClick1(e)
dynamicPopup = app.popup.create({  
  content: "<div class='popup popup-tablet-fullscreen' style='width:300px; position: sticky; background-color:#D1F2EB;'>.more HTML...",

Help appreciated

Попробуйте открыть “пустой” popup без leaflet. Если будет ошибка, сделайте минимальный пример и закиньте его на github. Если ошибки не будет, значит постепенно добавляйте код, пока не наступит момент поломки.

I’m thinking it must be related to an F7 change as all the popups worked fine until last update. The released version in the App Store still works fine and my code has not changed.

Сделайте минимальный пример с ошибкой и закиньте его в issues на GitHub

Removing ‘popup-tablet-fullscreen’ from Class solved the problem…

Thanks for replies

Turns out it was not ‘popup-tablet-fullscreen’ causing the problem but ‘position: sticky’…

Hi, how do i fix this, i’m using react

Sorry, I done use Rreact so cannot help with that.