I’m using V2, havent yet time for migrating, but this variable i believe is across frameworkversions.


Do you know what is this for? its a pixels value? how do you use it?

Because right now, with 7000 items the scroll hangs, and items jump, like for example the group-title with the first letter of the persons, when you scroll down some 500 rows or so, get wrong top positions, and blank spaces appears in the middle.

By playing with that value, some records dont even appear.


Ok, so it is actually multiplier, by default is 1. In dynamic height mode, it renders items that should fit into about 2 screen heights. So if you set it to dynamicHeightBufferSize : 2 then it will proceed, render and keep in DOM items that will match 2 screen heights * 2 = 4 screen heights.

But this issues

seems to be like wrong height is returned for dynamic height

I see it. But the wrong top is just after a while of scrolling, its kinda jumps i dont know for sure what makes them any different from the other entries. But one if my issues is that i have some items in the list that were added manually to work as a " First letter" entry title, or sometimes the full name of the category. I added this in the list of items where then i add a ignore=true prop, so that during filter i ignore those. Or is there any better way to create those categories / first name thing without having to append dummy items in the item array?