Easy way to add keys to VDOM nodes

I came across an unexpected behavior with my component. That seems to solve only by giving each node under conditional rendering a unique key.
The thing is, I tried adding the keys by app.utils.uniqueNumber() function, didn’t seem to solve the problem.
My app is a bit complex. is there a way to automate the keys of all the component nodes, so I can just get it off my ear?
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Can you post a minimal example (with codesanbox) of your problem?

It would take some time to replicate the situation, but you can read more about it here:
Router Component | Framework7 Documentation
My problem is with lists and components (like Smart Select) that show on input conditions (like if some input equals “someVal” then show this list, otherwise show that list).

Take your time to recreate the “situation” we will help you.
You can fork that fiddle CodeSandbox