Enable swipe before route panel is loaded via AJAX?


I am very new to framework7, just started last week! Very awesome framework!

I am loading the panel-right via AJAX and I want to enable the swiping from right on mobile view even though the component holding the content for panel-right is not yet loaded. How do I achieve this? Here is my code:

routes = [
		path: '/right-main',
		panel: {
			componentUrl: './sidebars/right-main.html',

var app = new Framework7({
	routes: routes,

app.panel.enableSwipe('right');  // this doesn't work when panel-right is loaded via AJAX.

Swiping from right works when panel-right is static (not loaded via AJAX). Maybe the answer is to auto load the component on page load, but I have no clue where to put the code for that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately with routable panel it is not possible to open it with swipe because it is not loaded