Enabling PushState in main view also changes view inside panel

I just installed Framework7 with vue and webpack boilerplate here https://github.com/framework7io/framework7-template-vue-webpack
and it runs fine.

then i tried to enable PushState so i change the main view into:
<!-- Main View -->
<f7-view id=“main-view” url="/" main :pushState=“true”></f7-view>
it works.

but after i navigate to a page, let’s say “about” page, then go back with either browser’s back button or a link. Then opening either left or right panel. The view inside both left and right panel turns into homepage like this.

i’ve made no other changes beside that one line.
i’ve also tried to enable PushState from app initialization as suggested in this thread but it didn’t works.

also adding :pushState=“false” to both panel’s view doesn’t have any effects.

if my understanding is correct, both panel is routable panel. and somehow goes back from another page with PushState enabled also changes the "url’ parameter in the panel’s view from “/panel-left/” and “/panel-right/” into “/”

Am i missing something?

i’ve tried inspecting the element and found that when i navigate back to home page, the page from homepage ("/" route) appended inside panel’s view and have “page-next” class.
Then when the panel is opened, the current panel’s page class changed from “page-current” into “page-previous”, and that appended page change from “page-next” into “page-current”, thus hiding real panel’s content.

Can’t see anything like that in that template. Need more details or better live example. But it sounds like you enabled push state for all views