Environment detection inside Vue / Framework 7

i’ve read the following topic and in particular the linked answer: [SOLVED] How to detect the environment?

I’d like to know how can i inform my Vue/F7 instance of the environment, hence where to put that if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development') conditional.

Currently i’m using this (ugly, in my opinion) workaround, setting an ENV property on the global object and then reading it in my scripts:

How can i do better?


This is just JS so you can use this expression directly in your JS process.env.NODE_ENV

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Damn i didn’t think it worked… i had tried logging process.env in my app.js and it was an empty object, but now i directly tried to log the NODE_ENV property and it was there.


That’s a mistery to me, but i’m happy it’s working.

No mistery, this is how webpack works. It just replaces process.env.NODE_ENV everywhere in your code with development or production string

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