Error after installed Framework7 v5

Hello, i have installed framework7 from this page:

And when start the framework i have this error:

And if insert an image i don’t see it.

<img src="../assets/test.jpg" alt="test">


It is not error but warning, just ignore it. As for images, this how you should use them in Core webpack:

  <div class="page">
    <img src="{{logoSrc}}">
  // Relative path to image file relatively to current page component file!
  import logoSrc from '../assets/logo.png';

  export default {
    data() {
      return {

Thank you. Work!!! :slight_smile:

Sorry i have another error:
After I have send the app to emulator and to device i see the splashscreen and it not hide after start the app. With the inspect code from Chrome i see a “Device ready” page and not my page!!!

Why ?

I no have configured my app. it all equals to first installation.
I have only insert the text to homepage!


Someone can help me please ?

If you’re looking for some help, please include some information:

  • is this a cordova-project?
  • target? (macosx, windows, ios, android?)
  • which emulator?
  • installed plugins (e.g. cordova-splashscreen)?
  • sample-code to reproduce the problem…

Otherwise every answer is only a guess…

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