Error compile project in Vue

I have this error when I try to compile the project with the command “npm run build-cordova”

Error: Invalid value "iife" for option "output.format" - UMD and IIFE output formats are not supported for code-splitting builds.

I’ve been researching this problem and haven’t found anything, has anyone experienced this?

Basically what I did recently in my project was to add this function to return the path of my statics files.

methods: {
        const path = `/static/icons/${name}`;
        const modules = import.meta.globEager("/static/icons/*.svg')");
        return modules[path].default;

Cordova’s webview doesn’t support ES modules, so it compiles to plain JS files, your case with dynamic imports can not be compiled to such

Thanks for answers.
Do you have an example on the best way for did this?

Thanks again!