Error on Refresh


An error occurs if the app refreshed (hitting the browser refresh button - seems to happen in all borwsers). Here’s the error.

framework7.min.js:12 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘split’ of undefined
at e.init (framework7.min.js:12)
at framework7.min.js:12
at Array.forEach ()
at framework7.min.js:12
at Array.forEach ()
at e.Framework7Class.emit (framework7.min.js:12)
at e.init (framework7.min.js:12)
at new e (framework7.min.js:12)
at app.js:11

This error even happens on the Kitchen Sink Demo.

After the refresh and you see this error, when you try clicking in to one of the links, you get “Object not Found” / 404

Is there something that needs to be set here or is this an actual bug?

Just to confirm, this is on V3

Can not see anything like that. Need more detailed instruction on how to replicate it

I have furthered discovered that it happens is developer mode, viewing as mobile device. If the browser is refreshed in this mode, this is when the error occurs.

Can anyone else see something like this? I can’t event in developer mode