Error with Color Picker

When I open ColorPicker it works correctly but the console gives the following error

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘0’)
at Object.update (sb-spectrum.js:118:79)
at color-picker-class.js:391:20
at Array.forEach ()
at an.updateModules (color-picker-class.js:389:25)
at an.onOpen (color-picker-class.js:598:10)
at (color-picker-class.js:761:18)
at events-class.js:82:24
at Array.forEach ()
at events-class.js:81:18
at Array.forEach ()

I define it like this:

colorPickerWheelPrimario = app.colorPicker.create({
    inputEl: '#color-picker-primario-value',
    targetEl: '#color-picker-primario-value',
    targetElSetBackgroundColor: true,
    modules: ['sb-spectrum', 'hue-slider'],
    openIn: 'popover',
    value: {
      hex: '#FF0000',

I have tried it with wheel and it gives the same error.