Event triggers twice in router components F7 v6.3

When i trigger an event like $(document).on(event_type)… on my component, it runs twice but when i use it in my main App.js file which holds my F7 initialization, it works fine.
The thing is, am creating some input fields dynamically after page init and attaching an event handler to a button contained in this dynamic dom markup in one of the components. So if I should use the $(selector).on, it will not trigger cos they were added to dom when the page finished initializing.
I don’t want to put the code in my main App.js init file cos i have several routes which i want their code contained in their respective router components.
Any suggestions?

I am also having the same problem.
When I use Popup Routes, I can’t find elements.
F7 VDOM is does not getting element to i want.