Example of Framework7 and Next.JS?

It looks like the newest version of Framework7 could work with NextJS, which does some work SSR and some on client. But how do the routing systems work together? Has anyone tried?

Yes, F7 v6 and Next.js work pretty good together, and when I was working on v6’s SSR I specifically tested it a lot with Next.js. I plan to write a blog post/tutorial next week about how to set it up correctly

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Whats We can do with f7 and nextjs, what kind of projects?

Same kind of projects you can do with React + Next.js

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Thank you for the tutorial!

It will be nice if there will be an example of the page data fetching with F7/Nextjs.
I’ve tried the code from example, but it seems like getStaticProps and getServerSideProps work only on first request after the page reloads. When I’m navigating from one page to another nothing fetches.


After cloning your exact repo (https://github.com/framework7io/framework7-nextjs-starter) i noticed that the SSR doesnt work on production build… I tried to add a getstaticprops and the function is working on the server, but the rest of the code isnt executed SSR.

It only works on dev mode, but disabling javascript there is no CSS.

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hi, i also would like to use it with nextjs. did you found a way? thanks