Expandable Card Problem

The problem occurs when you click on Expandable Card. It turns to blur all screen.

The posible bug, also occurs in Framework7 Kitchen Sink. You can open a expandable card and when you close it, all screen goes to blur.

In my case is when I open it, no when I close it, I think it’s because all my content is under “f7-page-content” tag. If the content is under “f7-page” tag it works well.

@nolimits4web Can you take a look??

FAIL in Google Chrome Version 81.0.4044.113 (Build oficial) (64 bits)
WORKS WELL in Firefox 75.0 (64-bit)

Can not see the issue. What is your full page layout that produces this error?

I have same problem (Safari e Chrome). I think the problem is related to backdrop.
I created a sandbox with two cards (with and without backdrop). Without backdrop the problem does not occur

other issue: with page ptr = true and hideNavbarOnOpen=true, when card is open appear ptr preloader refresh icon (unclickable)

Yes… this is the problem that I have

@gizmazu Thank you for the example

@nolimits4web Another issue (visible on CodeSandbox link) is related to title length.
With a title longer than one line, some words or characters are not displayed when the card is closed while they are correctly displayed when the card is open