"Expandable Cards" How to disable close animation

Hi, i’m new with framework 7. I’m developing an app for mobile. I’m using expandable cards. But content in this cards a lot of, for this when at the bottom of the card and close it; all content moving inside card and this getting performance problem and bad looking.
For all app how can disable all card closing animation.
Document is here but i don’t understand how can do that.

app.card.close(el, animate)- close expandable card

  • el - HTMLElement or string (with CSS Selector). Expandable card to close.
  • animate - boolean. Closes expandable card with animation. By default is true

my app.js
// Init App
var app = new Framework7({
id: ‘io.framework7.testapp’,
root: ‘#app’,
name: ‘Survival App’,
theme: theme,
data: function () {
return {


card: {
hideNavbarOnOpen: true,
closeByBackdropClick: true,

You need to create custom card close button/link, and call app.card.close() with animate:false

Thanks for your help. I’m trying do that. I add custom button and script and script working. Card closing with app.card.close() but how to add animate:false i try app.card.close(false); doesn’t work. How to use?

app.card.close('.card-opened', false);
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Very thank you. You save my project :):sweat_smile: