Export data-URI with Framework7

I am using Apex Charts library for my dashboard, but when I click on download either as SVG, PNG or CSV formats, it runs it return my 404 page. My problem is, it would have been easier to use F7’s .external class to these buttons which stops router from handling this route, but the download buttons are generated by library itself.
When I inspected the console, I see these download elements aren’t even ordinary links but div’s.

From your screenshot, can you click on the event tab of that button and show us what’s happening inside that event

Below is the code that is binded to the download buttons

function(t) {
var e = this.w,
i = new V(this.ctx);
switch (t) {
case “svg”:
case “png”:
case “csv”:
series: e.config.series,
columnDelimiter: e.config.chart.toolbar.export.csv.columnDelimiter

how can you create a chart like that I tried to create it for 2 days but it can not?
can you share with me the technique