Extended Prompt Dialog

I need a dialog.prompt but with some more items between the question and the OK/Cancel button.

What’s the ‘recommended’ way to do this?

  • patch the dialog.prompt and insert custom HTML-elements
  • use a Smart-Select?
  • create my own dialog-extension? (e.g. dialog.extended())

or something else?

Think of it like a regular Save As... - dialog, where you add some items above the Save button.

Example (green area):


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To answer my own question:

Use the core dialog component, add the required HTML to the content prop and add 2 buttons…


@nolimits4web: In the dialog docs e.g. under ‘Dialog Parameters’ it would be nice to have an example (or description) e.g. for content, to make clear you can use HTML strings,
or buttons: to make clear they need an array of objects whose properties are listed under Button Parameters.
It took me a bit to figure out what to pass to the dialog.

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Will add that info to docs


Dear @nolimits4web, still waiting for the example! :wink:

A good custom sample “create dialog” would be great to have in the docs.