External js script on other page [v2]

hello @nolimits4web

until now, Im using my app.js to put all variable and control for my app element.

how do I put it, load it or link it my custo js on other page? like simple code below,

$$('#save').on('click', function(){
//some code here

on your kitchen-sink is like below,

  return {
    methods: {
      signIn: function () {
        var $ = this.$;
        var app = this.$app;
        var username = $('input#demo-username-1').val();
        var password = $('input#demo-password-1').val();
        app.dialog.alert('Username: ' + username + '<br>Password: ' + password, function () {

it’s not flexibe if I have to follow your example.


You can use both

This is Template7 with <template></template> structure


hey @DanielRiera,

it works, but I having issue onchange event smart-select.
how I can achieve that?

Hi Yudistira

What version are you using?

hi @DanielRiera,

I’m using v2.0.2