External link not opening in Safari on iPhone?

In a webapp in Safari.
Since I updated to iOS 13.4 on my iPhone 6s, then this link is not opening the page in Safari, but in some other view, as in the first image. And it also don´t calculate with the statusbar as you can see it underneath the safari toolbar.
<a href="somepage.html" target="_blank" class="external">Test</a>

But if I open the page by clicking the Safari icon in the bottom right corner in that view and actually open the page in the real Safari, then every thing looks as it should, not hiding the bottom toolbar.

Is there a way to open in the real Safari and not in the first one?


add in-app-browser plugin and change target="_blank" => target="_system"

Thanks shastox, but this is a web app not a cordova/phonegap app.

Try to change target="_blank" to target="_system" or target="_self"

Just to try, i don’t have an iPhone to test.

Thanks, I have tested with _system and no change and _self open the page in the iframe so that does´t work. I don´t know what new view that it is displayed in, I have never seen it before!?

It is not possible, it is iOS’s feature (rather than a bug :smiley: )

But if I create an ordinary html page without framework7 and just have a link with a href=”mypage.com” target=”_blank” then it opens in the real Safari browser, but if I do it with framework7 then it open in the other browser?

Also how do I hide the safari bottom toolbar and minimize the top one when scrolling?
And can I hide them by default when I load the page so that they are never showed?
With window. ScrollTo(0,1)?