External links not working

Hello! I’m trying to open an external link from a expandable card, but the link doesn’t work even if I use the class external, what i’m doing is wrapping a link class to the expandable card div but the link just doesn’t work, it does on any other text for example: <a class="external" href="https://www.reddit.com/" target="_blank">Open external link</a>

Any advice?

JSFiddle or live example?

Here I have the card that I want with the link: https://jsfiddle.net/LuMartti/bwfdg1x9/10/

As you can see, even if I add the class external the link won’t open, also if I add a link inside of the card. I added a button and applied the class external, but it doesn’t work for me ether

This HTML code is not valid. It is not allowed to have nested <a> tags, look how it is parsed by browser:

Oh it’s true, so if I remove the nested <a> tags it should work?

It does, removing the <a> tags solves the problem. But is it normal that the image inside the cards aren’t centered? They center with the device width, not the card width