External vs Internal pages

Inside the index.html there is obviously the main view and the home page. How do you add another internal page?

I tried just adding another page below the <div class=“page home-page”…> and that just displayed the debug page and never the actual home page. I tried adding it below the <div class=“view view-main”…> but I can’t access it. The route is set to:

  path: '/debug/',
  pageName: 'debugPage'

The debug page is defined as:

    <div class="page" data-name="debugPage">

(I ask because I have some code that hijacks the console.log function and writes to a dom element in the debug page. To view the console.log output all I have to do is navigate to the debug page (while on the debug page I can also clear the log or email the log to myself). It’s really great for doing some untethered debugging out in the wild.)

I will not recommend to use inline pages as keeping app state and routing state correctly can become not reliable. Better load pages with url, componentUrl or if you use webpack load them as component

Hi Vlad. It’s only the one page and it’s only in the app during development and testing. The page and javascript get removed on the final build.

I suppose I could write the console.log to an array and then write the array contents out to the page when the page is loaded but that requires writing more code (which I was hoping to avoid :wink: )