Extracting apk files to learn stuff?!

To learn stuff I try to download and extract apk files of apps made with F7 (I don’t think it is illegal because I do not have the purpose of hacking or something). I think it is a draw back of cordova apps that you can simply extract the apk and see all the HTML and JS files but it is very educational!
Today I tried this app IELTS LISTENING PRACTICE. But when I extract it there is no JS or HTML files in it. This is mentioned in F7’s showcase. Is latest version still made with the awesome F7? If so then how can we create apps using cordova so that source code is inaccessable like this app? It is very useful.


From what I see on screenshots it is made with F7. It is impossible to make all the HTML/JS inaccessible in Cordova app. It may use iframe or load resources on app load

if you have something to hide
it should never be served to the browser
no matter how, never.

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  • resource stored on server side
  • packed into resources.arsc

So they are not really Cordova apps, they just open a webview and HTML and JS code are on the server side.