F7 apk android versions

hello currently development with f7 v2 I generate my app for android (apk) and on devices with android higher than 5.0 it looks perfect … but in devices less than 4.2 is unbalanced as I can know until version is compatible framework 7? thanks in advance note: the app uses a lot of the standards of the documentation and will soon be uploaded to the store of paly store =)


Please can you give me the detail guidelines on how you convert your Framework 7 to Android apk?

Thanks in advance.

Download and install cordova from cordova.apache.org.

Go thru the documentation. It is good enough to get you started. Try out the examples and get yourself familiar with setting up a cordova environment and creating a cordova project.

Then create a new project for your F7. Import the F7 dependency files into the www folder and replace the default indext.html file created for you by cordova with your F7 index.html file.

Then you can build and have your android apks. Go through the cordova documentation, it is very helpful.

Hi Erick,
my experience with webApps is (wo Framework7), that with Andorid 4.4 and above the capabilities & performance is increased significantly.

Best regards