F7 Icons using React

I want to use Icons using React and Webpack (project was created using the F7 CLI).

However I facing some issues:

  1. Font awesome Icons are not getting displayed at all.
  2. F7 icons are partially displayed.
  3. Is there one name for both iOS and Android?

For example:

<Link tabLink="#suggestions" tabLinkActive text="Offers" iconIos="f7:favorites" iconAurora="f7:favorites" iconMd="material:favorites"></Link>

In Android there heart, but in the F7 Icons there is a list.

How can I make this working, so every F7 icon will be displayed, in both iOS and Android.
Plus, how to allow font awesome icons too?

I have also tried:

<i class="fa fa-check"></i>

But this ain’t working.

Material icons is different library, so even similar icons can be named differently. For Material icons here is the reference https://material.io/tools/icons/

<Link tabLink="#suggestions"

But you can also just use F7 icon for all themes like:

<Link tabLink="#suggestions"

That’s great. So basically icons are comming from material? Where is the iOS icons list?

Framework7 Icons here https://framework7.io/icons/

Note that the icons in the link you have provided are not getting displayed properly.
Those are the iOS icons?

What is wrong with them? Can’t see any issues

This is F7 Icons library, that is designed mostly for iOS, but it is not mandatory

Where there iOS icons?

For about the icons that are not getting displayed - in icognito it works, cleared cache in browser and works too.