F7, Svelte and Vite 5.0.2 'warning'

Hi, I just updated vite to 5.0.2 and it throws a warning msg about missing exports in package.json

'12:03:26 PM [vite-plugin-svelte] WARNING: The following packages have a svelte field in their package.json but no exports condition for svelte.

[email protected]

Please see https://github.com/sveltejs/vite-plugin-svelte/blob/main/docs/faq.md#missing-exports-condition for details.

…and this is fix for ‘missing exports’ in package.json warning, please check

  "exports": {
    ".": {
      "svelte": "././framework7-svelte.js"
    "./components/*": "./components/*",
    "./shared/*": "./shared/*"