F7 Svelte ListItem Navigation Broken

Hi. I’m using a list of list items in order to navigate to some different settings pages within my app. The problem I’m experiencing is that the first item that is clicked on will first navigate normally but then the back link won’t work, the only way to get back is to swipe back. Then if you click on that same item again the navigation doesn’t work at all. The other items will work fine, it’s just the first item that gets broken like this. Any help would be much appreciated.
Here’s what my code looks like:

<Page name="settings">
  <Navbar title="Settings" />
      <ListItem title="Currency Options" link="/currency-options/" />
      <ListItem title="Budgets" link="/budgets/" />
          title="Monthly Recurring Expenses"
          link="/monthly-expenses/" />
      <ListItem title="Monthly Recurring Income" link="/monthly-incomes/" />