F7 Svelte - where to put static assets when in development?

Working on a audio editor using F7 Svelte… Just wondering where to put an .mp3 file in order to later load it when running npm run dev. When I store kalinka.mp3 in ./src/media and then try to load it using the file path media/kalinka.mp3 the console reports:

GET http://localhost:8080/media/kalinka.mp3 404 (Not Found)

Can see in the docs where we should put static assets… Anyone know? Thanks!

Static files are collected with webpack while the project is compiled. I recommend that you look at the webpack documentation for this. There is also build / webpack.config.js for your framework7 files. You can look at the examples.

Or put it into /static/ folder and refer them as /static/... path

for everyone using vite with fw7 v6+ it would be /public/ and not /src/static/

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thank pauldj,
That is the right one