F7 v1 Google maps issue inside popup


I have a popup in my app, and i initialize the google map on popup in the opened event. Works just fine as long as i stay on the same page in my app. I can close the popup, then re-open and map works good, I have added a small check to init the map just once on first opening of popup, so on next opening on popup it just resets the map marker where it is required.

Now if i go to another page in the app and then another one (go at least two pages forward), and when i click back to return to the page and open the popup, the map does not work. It just shows an empty gray canvas on the map area. Since the popup is not part of the page but the dom body element, I can’t figure out why does the map not work when i return from a page and then open the popup?

console shows no error from the app code or gmaps, so not sure what’s the issue here and how to fix it, any ideas?

try to re init google maps when show popup