F7 V1 not caching some pages with GET parameters

Hi all, I am building a social network and I want to go mobile first before I put out a web presence…I have a page profile.html but as users all have their specific Ids, I send these over as get variables…like so profile.html?id=1, profile.html?id=2 and then I script waiting to pick the Ids with page.query.id. All works brilliantly, except F7 only caches the last visited profile page. Please help.

Framework7 version 1!? You need to update your app to latest F7 version

I agree with you but I have already come a long way on the project and just intend to finish like this because I prefer v1 its simpler for me. I looked into the latest versions but I plan to do an upgrade later with newer releases. I set allowDuplicateUrls:true and now it caches the pages but if two profile pages are loaded(profile. html?id=1 and profile.html?id=2) in view one after the other …Only the last cached profile page remains in view on navigating back and this shouldn’t be. What I want to achieve is stack navigation with all pages cached as expected. I know the latest has stackPages but why can’t I just do it with v1 since I have a good grasp on that version and I’m able to build rapidly with v1

In app parameters https://v1.framework7.io/docs/init-app.html
Try also to disable cache (cache : false)

I have set cache: false but it now infact removes both profile urls

All other pages like messages.html, groups.html cache properly