F7 v1slide in issue with ios 12

I just updated to IOS 12 and the latest cordova (8.1.2) and I have f7 v 1.7.1 and I noticed some of the pages sliding in from the right are clear(tansparent) with a left grey border then when it gets to the left side of the screen it turns white and then I can finally see the content of that page (these are static pages). I’m loading the pages with ‘onPageInit’. Now the ones that are not doing it have an ajax call to our server so perhaps its ‘slowing’ it down a bit? This only happened after I updated to ios 12. Not sure if a quick style setting would fix?

Hi I am getting this issue but i’m using f7 v.2.0.7. Issue only occurs with ios 12. Did you find a solution?

I upgrade to v3 and it didn’t do it anymore.

Fantasic! Thanks for your reply